Application Development & QA


KSF Technologies is a reliable IT partner with a long history in development of business critical IT solutions with a primary focus on software and related IT infrastructure. To deliver solutions, which are capable of increasing the effectiveness of corporate IT infrastructure, KSF provides the following services:

  • IT Solutions Engineering & Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • IT Team Augmentation
  • Custom and vendor made software integration on customer premises (working with products of ASG, Symantec, CA Technologies, Microsoft and others)
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Support and maintenance of IT products and related infrastructure

We speak the same language like our customers and are always focussed on customer requirements. That’s why KSF is effective in collaboration both with business as well as technology stakeholders.

KSF flexibly adapts its development processes to customer requirements.

KSF provides the following specific capabilities:

  • Team of analysts and project managers, capable to capture customer requirements (business and technical) and build corresponding technical processes following well known practices of Agile (Scrum, XP, Lean) and more formal processes (RUP, ITIL), which allow to reach project goals (business and technical) with a maximum of transparency, productivity and quality.
  • Dedicated manageable team of software engineers, which exactly match project needs in skills and manpower.
  • Teams of QA engineers who enable quality driven development practices from the very beginning of any project.
  • Full-scale project documentation covering all stages from project inception till acceptance testing on customer side in all aspects of the project (planning, budgeting, technical specifications, reports).
  • Version control and regular deliveries of intermediate results including produced source code.

Key competences of KSF in software development are the following:

  • Web and desktop applications development for Windows and Unix environments using a wide range of technologies and tools available on the market: Java, PHP/Python, .Net, DHTML/AJAX
  • Mobile applications development including dedicated mobile features like NFC, GPS, IR, messaging
  • Data collecting, processing (ETL/OLAP/OLTP), analysis and presentation (BI, custom reporting) based on major commercial and open-source DBMSs like MS-SQL Server, Oracle Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and so on
  • Distributed systems development (messaging hubs, events and workflows management systems, communication buses)
  • Development of SOAP and RESTful Web services
  • Development of infrastructure software (data feeders, converters, OS scripts)
  • Programming on communication protocol level, custom and well known format parsers development (imaging, documenting)
  • Digital maps through WMS (Google, iDevio) and custom map engines (from MapInfo, ESRI).

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Legal IT Engineering Services


As corporate litigation and regulatory changes drive legal processes, e-discovery projects have become critical deliverables for many companies. Often, the projects and costs of e-discovery are variable and many companies do not want to invest in extensive infrastructure and personnel to handle their needs.

KSF’s e-Discovery team provides consulting and e-discovery infrastructure management services that allows organizations to flexibly meet their e-discovery needs.

KSF’s team can assess the infrastructure and application requirements needed to successfully deliver the content required in an investigation. On-site, the team can install the hardware, software and fully integrate the components into native IT systems. The KSF software development team can also assist by developing new software tools should vendor products not meet the needs of the project.


The senior members of the KSF team meet with the customer to determine project requirements and scope. A plan is then devised that considers all hardware, software, Q&A, location and labor factors. This plan is presented to the customer’s decision makers and revised as needed. Once approved, the KSF implementation team obtains the necessary items and initiates the project. The customer is kept up to date at all times and changes are fully communicated and discussed.

Legal IT Brochure

Read more about KSF Technologies Legal IT product “DirSync”

Business Analytics Services

Business critical information is normally produced and handled by different corporate applications and third-party information systems provided by external suppliers. Considering variety of formats, application lifecycles, delivery schedules — it is quite easy to get lost in data flows doing extraction of aggregated overview information required for decision making.

KSF’s Business Analytics team provides consulting and business data management services that allows organizations to get maximum out of data produced and managed in-house.

KSF’s team can assess the infrastructure and data sources (DBMS, WSs, APIs, Files) to consolidate them and perform aggregations of data needed for analysis. The team can install software, assist with the hardware and fully integrate the components into native IT systems. The KSF software development team can do development of customized software tools for data management, statics and trends calculation, and visualization in a form that meet particular customer requirements.

Outtesting & QA


Services: Outtesting & QA

The Quality Assurance of software products is as important as the software development itself. However, in reality, many projects try to save cost reducing exactly the QA part. Thus, including KSF in the QA and Outtesting area for your development projects, is the right way to save project development costs overall.

Specifically, the KSF QA team of experts will perform the following tasks for you:

  • Study customer requirements;
  • Propose a suitable QA approach considering the specific customer product/environment;
  • Build the required testing infrastructure;
  • Develop and execute the planned cycles of all selected tests:
    • verification & validation tests,
    • acceptance tests,
    • unit tests,
    • integration tests,
    • system tests,
    • regression tests,
    • functional tests,
    • performance tests
    • and others tests as required

Enterprise Content Management

KSF is an IT-Services partner of ASG Software Solutions

We are responsible for both development and technical support of the ViewDirect suite of products. KSF’s ECM team of experts can take part in customer implementation projects, taking responsibility for:

  • Assessing the corporate repositories infrastructure
  • Integration with enterprise information systems and related workflows.
  • Design and implemention of the target ECM solution, satisfying corporate needs and meeting regulatory requirements.
Java development:
Enterprise Java Beans, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Swing, CORBA
Application servers and multi-tier solutions:
BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphereWeb development:
ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, XML/XSL, HTML, DHTML, Scripting, JavaScript, AJAX, ASP.NET, Flash, Flex
Microsoft Solutions:
Internet Information Server, Site Server (commerce edition), SharePoint, COM/DCOM
Oracle, MS SQL Server, Interbase, DB2, Informix, Access, Sybase, Progress, PostgreSQL, MySQL
Client/server and desktop appications:
MS Visual Studio 2005/2008, VB.NET, C#.NET, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Visual Age, Visual Cafe, JBuilder
Mobile Application Development:
iOS, Android, Symbian, WP7, Flash, Web Run ServicesMapping Solutions:
MapInfo Corp. products (MapInfo Professional, MapX, MapXtreme, MapBasic), ESRI (MapObjects, ArcView), NAVETEQ MAPS
Software specification:
Rational Rose, ERwin, Visual TesQA tools & technologies:
Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, Mercury QTPro, Mercury TD, JMeter, ART (test framework developed by KSF), TestNG, CruiseControl, EMMA, FindBugs  

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